JUN20 - Satirical ridicule and scorn, like this amusing tableau by photographer Paul Stanton and Duckboy Cards, are an important part of toppling the norm of plastic pollution, and demonstrating rural commonality in our mission.

DEC19 - Afroz Shah's accomp-lishment, cleaning the dirtiest beach in India, is inspirational, and recognition of his work by the Annenberg Foundation and CNN will go down as a milestone of our mission.  PFM marks this milestone by launching Progress on Our Mission.

DEC19 - Questioning the norm of plastic pollution is a challenge that requires branding for awareness and public opinion.  Lonely Whale's latest promo, "Question How You Hydrate", tackles the toxic norm of plastic water bottles, which rank near the top of cleanup analytics everywhere.  PFM thanks Lonely Whale for injecting "plastic-free" into the global vernacular.

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