PFM is developing a unique map of plastic pollution for regional coordination and informing public policy.  If there’s a particularly ugly or a remarkably clean site near you, or something in-between, then submit your photos below to add your data to the PFM map.  Your submission will entitle you to sneak peeks of the map before it goes public. 

Rate the site for macroplastic scoping and/ or microplastic pollution according to your best judgment using the color scales in the map legend to the right.  Microplastic is a piece smaller than 5mm across and 1000 square meters is about the size of two basketball courts.  Your photos should provide some context--a closeup of a plastic bottle for instance doesn't reveal much about the site. Microplastic photos are necessarily closeups, but should be accompanied by a conventional landscape photo.  The gallery below shows examples of each visual category.

You'll also need to specify the site location, which is easy to do using Google Maps.  Just click on the site location and Google Maps will display the coordinates to enter below. PFM will annotate your photos, including photo credit in your  name if you request.


Add your data to the PFM map